Big announcements are on their way!  

The Fall 2017 Line Up Will Help Clients, Healthcare Providers, Patients, And Innovative Health Companies Get Better Results!  

Here is a sneak preview of what's coming...


For Physicians & Healthcare Providers:

1.  How to use advanced methylation and genetic analytics and strategies to improve patient outcomes

2.  How to use a specific nutritional assessment to engage patients in new levels of personal wellness and preventative medicine and improve practice performance metrics at the same time

3.  New stem cell options that lower cost for practitioners and offer new ways to support improved patient care


For Clients & Patients:

1.  Membership programs that allow you to target your most pressing health and wellness goals and get even better results

2.  New ways to receive your concierge services via HIPPA-compliant video and other easy-to-access tools

3.  New programs that allow you to design your own game plan with the support of expert guidance

4.  New programs that integrate 5 key domains that collectively determine your state of health


For Innovative Health Companies:

1.  New resources to support the stage of development or product release that you are in right now

2 . New tools to support faster development, testing, and analysis of your health innovation


Stay tuned for the news throughout the month of September!